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First Prototype
Our mission

“Measure, model & improve water quality”



80% of the plastics dumped in the oceans comes directly from land, where pro-active measures can much efficiently solve the problem.


Algae blooming is a serious threat for both human beings and the maritime ecosystem. Up to now, no-environmentally friendly solutions have been proven effective. Krill aims to prove this wrong with its innovative approach.


Duckweed blooms can block the sunlight causing terrible consequences for the maritime ecosystem. Pro-active measures can prevent this problem from happening in the first place.

Our Approach

  • Multi-purpose robots
  • Remote-control and autonomous boats for static environments
  • Specialized collector mechanism for different types of debris

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Advantages of Swarms


Our approach allows for parallelization of task such as debris collection by efficiently coordinating multiple boats by our innovative swarm-control algorithms.


Our swarm-based software and our modular design allows for easy scalability allowing our approach to be adaptable for multiple use cases.


Modular design has been our main focus for the designs of the boat. The advantages of such designs are easily replaceable components, ease to manufacture and lower cost.

Our Team

Pablo Rodrigo Valero

Pablo Rodrigo

Project Manager

Giuseppe Deininger

Giuseppe Deininger

Head of Electronics Team

Calvin Terpstra

Head of Control Team

Jasper Stoter

Jasper Stoter

Head of Mechanics Team

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